Kenthar, The Jewel of Ulzimor

The predominantly elven city of Kenthar was one of the first to establish itself on Ulzimor some 250 years ago. The city was built in a one of a kind forest, where the trees leaves shone silver and gold. The local Umic tribe who lived on the island came in contact with the elves, and peaceful relations began. As the city grew and explored the island, finding new resource such as plentiful silk, metals, and beautiful stones, art began to develop at a rapid pace. As the time passed, the city flourished, growing and expanding as more people came across the ocean to live, and artist came to practice their craft, and aristocrats arrived to surround themselves with the luxurious finery and arts, as well as to tap into new resources to fatten their purses, or stamp out a name for themselves in new lands.

Ordo Silva

A guildhall formed in the city, taking up residence in the great, hollowed out trunk of a massive tree. For a time the guild was grand. Beautifully, and painstakingly made was the hall, and its members were proud, and willing to help wherever needed. Kenthar began to flourish and grow, beyond anything expected and the overbearing hand of artist and aristocrats shaped it into what it is today, a place of luxury, with some of the finest establishments ever built, the most prestigious art school in existence, along with sought after experts in many fields. Slowly, the guild and its members were disbanded, as their services were rarely required anymore. Eventually, only the truly dedicated remained, and Ordo Silva became a footnote in the history of Kenthar, a novility. The one grand guild hall, so full of life no w sits mostly empty and in a state of disrepair on the fringed of Kenthar, treated as a clubhouse for its few members.


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