A city where the people are treated fair, and all are welcome.

Hulwind was established on the island of Ulzimor 150 years ago by humans, under the rule of King Sulin. Sulin was a good man, treating everyone well, and giving equal opportunity to all. Sulin wanted to make a wonderful city, free of oppression, where the people could make an honest living, and do so free from the heel of an overlord. Sulins dreams of a prosperous and fair city continued under the rule of his son, Osmion.

A Golden Age

Osmion understood what his father wanted, and those ideals were imparted on him. He continued to be a fair ruler, not afraid to get his hands dirty and help when and where he could. As the city and its trade grew, pirates became a threat, but Osmion would have none of it. He led many excursions against the pirates, slaying many and making clear he would not sit idly by while they plundered that which belonged to the people of Hulwind. A warrior king the people called him, praised as a hero, grand statues were made of him. Despite this, he was a humble man, and only did what he felt was right by Hulwind.

Osmion married and had a son, Prince Vikis. He settled down, going on fewer excursions against encroaching pirates to take care of his family and teach his son what it was to be a righteous man, and to be a just ruler.

Things To Come

Though Osmion did his best, Vikis had a mind of his own, and it was a cruel one. He would torment the other children, and was known to torture small animals until death. His mother did little to correct him, and Osmions words seemed to fall on deaf ears. This bothered Osmion greatly, fearful of what would happen when Vikis took the throne.

Vikis had a noticeable dislike of the other races, sneering and turning his nose up at them, often speaking of them as lesser things. Vikis was very interested in becoming the king of the region though, and often spoke about how he would cleanse the land of its infection when he was king.


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