Gustuk, City of the Guiltless

Gustuk is the youngest city on the island of Ulzimor, bit it is also the one with its hands in the most pockets. 7f720cbede625085e7ccd46503c944aa-d5b1ubs.jpg

Originally established by criminals on the run as a safe haven, it became a beacon for all underhanded dealings, as more and more criminals and unsavory types came to call home. With so many near-dowells in a single place, conflict was bound to happen. Their was constant fighting among one another, blood and bodies found in every ally, and Gustuk begin to tear itself apart, dividing into factions. As the infighting reached a crescendo, a figure arose to settle the matters, and cease the fighting, striking a deal that changed everything. This man came to be known as the Trade Prince of Gustak, Ha`sha

The Ascension of Ha`sha

Ha`sha grew up as a prince, son of the king in a far away country, across the oceans. He woke to perfume scents, fresh milk, buttered bread and silk sheets. Anything he wanted, itdesert_prince_by_zephyri-d5puciv.jpg was his, anything but his utmost desire, power. The only way to get power, was to wait and receive it, but he was the fifth son in the line, so that was unlikely. Or, he could take it, and seize it for himself. Ha`sha devised a plan to assassinate his brothers, leaving him the only one to succeed the throne, and everything was going according to plan. A series of unfortunate “accidents” systematically wiped out his brothers, leaving only him. His father however was a wise man, and began to piece together what happened. As Ha`sha slept, he awoke, a dagger poised over head, the blade shimmering in the moonlight and the familiar face of his father looked down at him, eye as cold and hard as iron.
With his father dead, and his fate sealed, he fled, finding his way to Gustok.

The Bazaar

Gustuk has a grand bazaar, where items from all over the world can be found, both common and rare, from exotic food, to banned poisons, outlawed weapons, rare herbs and the like. Their is a black market where the more dangerous and lucrative items can be found if you know where to look, but few do.

The Slave Pit

One of Gustuks biggest trade markets, that people come from far and wide for is the slave market. Pirates, bounty hunters and the like will bring captured creatures here to be auctioned for and sold. The rarer the species the more coin it will fetch. Other criteria is taken into consideration, age, sex, physical condition, and so on but the oddities really get slave.jpgthe crowd a buzz. The local Umic tribe has come in contact with some of the slavers, and a few of its kind captured, no easy task but the reward was worth it to the slavers, their coin purses bulged that day.


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