Ordo Silva

The Final Offering


A blood moon hung high in the night sky over Kenthar. It’s crimson gaze penetrated leaves and branches, and it peered through the open window to Cassiel’s study. She sat quietly in a meditative pose, a small bowl covered with a cloth and her ritual blade to one side of her, and the Dusklight Grimoire open on the other. A seven pointed star encircled by thirteen mystical sigils, all painstakingly drawn in chalk, covered the floor directly in front of her. Each point was crowned with a lit candle, their colors alternating between silver, white, and red. At the center of the star she placed a rare black opal, its gleaming surface alive with shimmering wisps of blue and violet in the flickering candle light.

Cassiel knew that this lunar eclipse was a auspicious omen for working rituals, both sacred and arcane, to the Priestesses of the Evening Glory and she needed all the help she could get.

“What is all this?” A shape of living darkness appeared in the window; Raith Shi returning empty handed from his nightly prowlings. His ghost fire eyes narrowed to suspicious slits.

“I’m going to perform the Final Offering, as described in the seventh chapter of the Dusklight Grimoire, which will end the need for my ritual blood sacrifices… And bind you to me forever.” Her voice grew stronger as she spoke. “I will share your mind as you now share mine and you will no longer be able to lead me astray.”

The cat-thing let out a hellish yowl as his back arched and his fur stood up on end. He then gave Cassiel an unreadable glare, composed himself, and gracefully leapt down from the window sill.

“A novice of your ability shouldn’t be able to access that chapter yet…Or ever. Especially not without my tutelage. You’re far more clever…More dangerous… Than I gave you credit for. But, my dear Cassiel, what if I refuse your offering?” He approached the ritual circle cautiously, his tail flicking back and forth as he inspected the young mage.

“But you won’t refuse.” Cassiel smiled sweetly as she removed the towel from the bowl at her side. The smell of fish and herbs filled the room. “Fresh caught sweet fish, raw, seasoned with the wild catmint that you love so well.”

Raith Shi’s ears perked up. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes slowly before opening them again. They glowed even brighter in the dim study. Unable to resist his favorite morsels, the cat-thing began to eat with unfettered enthusiasm.

“Let’s start then, shall we?” Cassiel stroked Raith Shi’s silky black fur before placing the Grimoire in her lap.

“You know, even if the binding works you could still bleed out from the wound, right?” He said in-between bites, his voice already more languid, pacified, from the catmint.

“That’s a risk I have to take.” Cassiel whispered, her delicate hand slowly closing around the hilt of the slim dagger at her side as the arcane words began to appear in her mind’s eye.



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