Vakalis is a native of the Shattered Isles far to the East.

He is an honorable, friendly nobleman who will readily share the following background with anyone.

He was born into a noble family, the youngest of four brothers. Raised during a generation-spanning civil war, trained in the martial skills, but secretly practiced the finer arts. He was eventually given a regiment to command at the Battle of Tomigia. He was chastised for being too defensively minded.
When he tried to plead his case, his father called him a “coward” and disowned him, so he packed away his weapons and armour and took passage on a ship heading west.

Arriving in Kenthar, a city of the Western Islands, he soon found work, acceptance – and more – among the artisan community.

Vakalis surrounds himself with the finer arts and their creators – actors, artists, sculptors, etc. – though he has no creative ability to boast of himself. He possesses, and shares a preference for the well-developed masculine form.

He does receive an occasional letter from his sister back home – smuggled out via an old family friend. However, the most recent of these contained a signet/seal ring bearing his family idealized hawk symbol. There was no explanation and he still awaits a reply to his own letter. The ring is too large to fit safely on any of his fingers, so he wears it on the thumb of his left hand. He recalls seeing it as a child, being used by his father, so the how’s and why’s of its current presence remains a mystery.
Vakalis has recently joined the Ordo Silva guild, in an attempt to broaden his worldly experiences and circle of friends.


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