Averial Mage Seeking Knowledge And Adventure


Cassiel is the second child of the Grand Chieftain of Nurendalia. Her older brother Vereon was prophesied to be a great hero and leader by the cabal of soothsayers. Cassiel, however, remained unseen in the tapestry of fate. Most saw this as an ill omen.

Cassiel was overlooked by her family. This suited her fine, she preferred to spend time alone in the vast arcane libraries of Nurendalia. She would get lost in stories of long dead heroes and tied up in grimoires overflowing with occult secrets. In one dark corner of the western wing of the personal library of Spellbinder Anaeli, Cassiel became acquainted with a strange feline creature with mystical origins. This dark magic elemental, called Raithshi, taught Cassiel the arts of magic and later shadow-weaving for just an occasional taste of her blood.

Shortly after she came of age, Vereon fell in battle against mysterious foes. With his death, her family’s fortunes began to crumble. Suddenly all eyes were on the bookish, willful daughter that they had previously ignored. For the first time they saw that she had grown into competent young woman of ethereal beauty. In an attempt to regain some fame and power the Grand Chieftain made a marriage pact that would have her wed to some earthbound Prince. Cassiel found this arrangement highly unsatisfactory and fled the utopia of Nurendalia in the night with a nomadic band of scouts and mercenaries in search of lost skylands.

Their travels led them to the forgotten floating citadel of Narithe, high above the continent of Ulzimor. Below the citadel proper, there was a crypt or monument of sorts that seemed to call to Cassiel. There she found an ancient statue of a winged figure holding a tome in one hand and a sword in the other. As she examined this tomb to some lost hero late into to the night her companions were attacked and slaughtered by gargoyles, previously thought to have been part of the scenery, as they slept. When the battle came to her, the statue was knocked over during the fighting and it’s sword landed at her feet. She picked it up in a desperate attempt to arm herself and fought her way out of the citadel but not without taking many wounds as she was not very good at sword play and often missed her lessons to study and explore. The gargoyles pursued her out over the sea and she was struck down.

Cassiel was found afloat in the ocean by the members of the Unicorn Navy of Kenthar. Barely alive, they left her with the sacred courtesan-priestesses of the Evening Glory. She awoke in grove of silvery trees, attended to by veiled women and men who nursed her back from the brink of death. Here she learned the healing arts and even some of the sexual secrets practiced by the handmaidens of Night. Though the priestesses claim their power comes from their goddess of beauty, darkness, and love; Cassiel regards their spellcraft as more of an arcane art than a divine investment and believes this Evening Glory to be an entity or elemental of pure magic, similar to but more powerful than Raithshi.

Cassiel has settled into semi-permanent residence in Kenthar, until the the wanderlust strikes her again, and has grown to enjoy her status as an oddity and quasi celebrity. She joined the Ordo Silva hoping to find out more about this land and of the ancient sword she carries.


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